• The 2021 challenge is open to teams only. People who want to take part in the challenge and don’t have a team can search for one on ODISĖJA72 social networks.

  • A team is a minimum of 2 people. There is no limit to the maximum number of members per team.

  • After team registration, adding new members to the film-making process is allowed.

  • The registration of teams is published on Teams can only register via the form on the page.

  • Registration is open until 12 of September, 2021 (inclusive). 

  • All teams that have duly and timely registered are participating in the challenge.

  • Each registered team must pay the registration fee within one week from the date of receiving of the confirmation letter:

    • The team fee for registration before 31.08.2021 is 65 EUR.

    • Team fee for registration from 01.09.2021 to 12.09.2020 – 75 EUR.

  • The registration fee is payable by bank transfer to the bank account of the event organiser, VšĮ “Turboidėja”. Cash and other means of payment are not available.

  • In case of cancellation before 12 September 2021 (inclusive) 90% of the entry fee will be refunded. Cancellations after 12 September 2020 will not be refunded.


  • The challenge tasks will be randomly assigned to the participating teams at the opening event. At least one member of the team must participate at the opening event,

  • Each team participating in the challenge can get free advice from the ODISĖJA72 Festival mentors on 17 of September. Teams can register for the mentoring on the day of the challenge according to the schedule provided by the organizers.

  • All participating teams are required to submit their films.

  • Participation in the challenge is not limited by place of residence, age, or education.

  • All the costs of making the film are covered by the filmmakers themselves.

  • Filmmakers are responsible for their own safety during the filmmaking challenge.

  • Filmmakers must comply with the security guidelines set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

  • Filming must be carried out in accordance with the rules of procedure and with the permission of the location owners.

  • By providing the contact details of the participants, you agree that the data provided may be used for direct marketing purposes and passed on for use by the Festival partners. If a team member does not agree to the use of their contact information for direct marketing purposes, they can indicate “not for marketing” next to their email address on the registration form.

  • Participants will be filmed and photographed during the challenge and the footage will be used only for ODISĖJA72 event communication.

  • Participants must respect the festival’s educational spaces and the closing venue – Forum Cinemas VINGIS cinema. Any damage caused is the responsibility of the participants themselves.


  • Films made by participants must be original and based on scripts written during the ODISĖJA72 Challenge.

  • Video footage created outside the challenge, such as footage licensed from public video catalogues, may make up no more than 10% of the film running time.

  • Films produced by participants must be in line with the ODISĖJA72 challenges. All elements of the task must be clearly visible in the film.

  • The ODISĖJA72 challenge is open to feature films and animated films.

  • If you choose to make an animated film, the elements of the challenge can be represented in animated form.

  • The ODISĖJA72 selection for the challenge programme is open only to films that start production on 17 September 2021 and are completed on 20 September 2021 at 10:00.

  • Before the ODISĖJA72 challenge, participants can:

    • search for actors to star in their film;

    • search for locations for their filming;

    • book the necessary equipment for filming.

  • The team’s film must be at least 4 minutes long (excluding subtitle time) and at most 6 minutes long (excluding subtitle time).

  • Subtitles may not be longer than 30 seconds.

  • The subtitles can not develop, add to or otherwise expand the story of the film, nor may they contain new information that may affect the evaluation of the film’s story.

  • The authors of the films take full responsibility for any copyright or other infringements.

  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude films that infringe copyright from the festival’s competition programme. 

  • Music in the films must be used legally or created during the challenge. In the case of copyright music, a free form permission from the composer and performer to use the work(s) in the film must be submitted with the film. 

  • UPRIGHT MUSIC database music tracks may be used for films created during the challenge.

    • Only teams participating in the challenge will get free access to the UPRIGHT MUSIC music database.

    • All music tracks used must be properly credited in the subtitles of the film: “Title of the track”, Composer, Upright Music | Catalogue.

    • When submitting a completed film, a completed form of tracks, used in the film must be sent. The form will be given to each team during the challenge.

  • Films made during the challenge can participate in other events, film festivals and competition programmes in Lithuania and worldwide.

  • The organisers reserve the right to organise other public screenings of the films produced in Lithuanian and international cinemas and to invite filmmakers to participate in the screenings.


  • Completed films must be submitted in .mp4, 16:9 format, H.264 codec. The size of the films must not exceed 2 GB. Audio level peaks must not exceed 0 dB.

  • At the beginning of the film, the ODISĖJA72 challenge vignette (8s.) must be used, which must include the task of the film, the name of the team, and the title of the film.

  • A template for the challenge vignette will be provided for the team leader via email. The challenge vignette must be preceded by 3 seconds of the black background.

  • The end credits of the film must state: ‘This film was made during the ODISĖJA72 Short Film Challenge. 2021, Vilnius’.

  • If the language of the film is Lithuanian, English subtitles must be included. If English or another foreign language is used in the film, Lithuanian subtitles are required.

  • The completed film file must be uploaded to the website, where a unique film code will be generated. Select Checksum type: MD5.

    • The generated code is sent by email to with the name of the film and the name of the team. The code must be sent no later than 2021.09.20, 11:00.

    • The film file must be submitted via platform, by email to, with a link to download the film no later than 2021.09.21, 11:00.

    • When submitting a film, the following must be included in the email: team name, film title, film duration, full assignment, a short 1-2 sentence description of the film, and a single frame of the film (jpg or png format, file size up to 2 MB, frame resolution 1920×1080 px).

    • No changes to the films will be allowed from 2021.09.20, 11:00. The file codes must be identical for the film uploaded to the platform and for the film uploaded via the Wetransfer platform. Films with changes made after uploading the unique code will not be evaluated.


  • All the films produced during the ODISĖJA72 challenge and fulfilling the conditions are submitted to the jury members, who select the 20 films that participate in the ODISĖJA72 Competition Programme.

  • The results of the selection for the competition programme are announced to each participating team by email by 28th of September.

  • The films selected for the ODISĖJA72 Competition Programme will be screened at a public screening on 1st of October at 19:00.

  • Films created during the ODISĖJA72 challenge and selected for the competition programme are published on website, on the ODISĖJA72 Youtube channel and in the LRT media library.

  • Films selected for the competition programme are eligible for the awards published on

  • From 2nd to 17th of October, all the films produced during the ODISĖJA72 challenge will be publicly screened on the and participate in the online audience voting. The film with the most votes will win the Audience Choice Award.

  • A film made by one team can win one award. The Audience Choice Award can also go to a team awarded by the jury.

  • All films produced during the ODISĖJA72 Challenge may not be published online or shown at any other public screening until 1st of October, 2021.

  • Each ODISĖJA72 Challenge team is invited to the screening of the challenge films and to the awards. Each team will receive 10 invitations.

The organizers reserve the right to change the rules of the event.