About festival

ODISĖJA72 is an unique filmmaking festival in Lithuania for those seeking to grow and challenge themselves. The festival includes lectures and workshops by professionals from Lithuania as well as other countries, extensively covering the filmmaking process from writing a great dialogue to successfully distributing the film. However, the central part of the festival is the short film challenge. Since 2017, around 500 filmmakers have produced 109 short films, while the best movies were awarded prizes worth more than 30 000 euros.

The participants have 72 hours to create a short film that must include randomly assigned elements, such as the type of character and specific genre. The teams also have an exclusive opportunity to consult with experienced professionals with regards to writing scripts, developing creative solutions, directing, filming and video editing. Participation is not restricted in terms of age, education or place of residence, therefore everyone is welcome to take on the challenge: experienced filmmakers, audiovisual arts enthusiasts and even young aspiring creators. The festival ends with a film screening and an award ceremony for the winners which aim to help the filmmakers in their future creative endeavours and education.