ODISĖJA72 is an unique filmmaking challenge, where each team has to create a short film during 72 hours. The best filmmakers are awarded with valuable prizes that help them in their future audiovisual endeavours. Participation is not restricted in terms of age, education or place of residence, therefore everyone is welcome to take on the challenge: experienced filmmakers, audiovisual arts enthusiasts and even young aspiring creators.


At the start of the challenge, every team receives three random elements that must be included in the film and also two possible genres they can choose from. Elements of the 2021 challenge were the line of dialogue must be heard or seen – it may be written, an action and a prop that must be seen in the film. For instance, the line – “What’s wrong?”, prop – cherry pie, action – laying on the ground, genre – comedy or film noir. When evaluating the films and choosing winners, one of the criteria is accurate, motivated, and original usage of the elements as well as fitting the chosen genre. 


Every team participating in the challenge has a unique opportunity to consult with experienced audiovisual artists who will advise them on writing scripts, developing creative solutions, directing, filming and video editing. Teams’ individual meetings with mentors will be pre-scheduled and will happen on the late night of the first night of the challenge. Attendance of the mentors’ sessions is not mandatory but highly recommended.